Development of an Automated Suppliers Search Service for a Metallurgical Company


Гасанов Ильяс Запирович

Высшая Школа Экономики
Дата публикации 03.05.2023
Период публикации
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This project aims to develop an automated suppliers search service for a metallurgical company in Russia. The goal of this service is to reduce the time and cost required for purchasing managers to find and compare suppliers. The service will be designed using Python and the Scrapy framework, and will collect data about suppliers from the internet by creating search requests in Yandex. It will include an algorithm for the search process and data collection, pre-filtering of potential suppliers, and a data visualization dashboard for purchasing managers to analyze and compare suppliers. The service will be implemented as a three-tier architecture, ensuring data storage, and data processing are performed separately. By streamlining the supplier selection process, the company may be able to reduce costs, improve product quality and safety, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage in the market. The proposed service has the potential to be monetized and sold to other companies, providing a comprehensive solution for automated supplier search.

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Python, automated supplier search, dashboard, data collection, metallurgical company, search algorithm

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