The connection between language and culture


Нурлан Дана Жолдасовна

Актюбинский региональный государственный университет им. К. Жубанова
Дата публикации 05.11.2020
Период публикации Ноябрь, 2020
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The paper covers approaches to the matter of interaction between language and culture. It shows that language is one in all the foremost vital components of the culture of any nation, that it's a crucial consider the preservation of ethnic identity. The indissoluble unity of the national language and national culture takes multiple incarnations in people's lives. Linguistic facts and cultural phenomena cannot be strictly differentiated, as a result of cultural changes ar mirrored within the language. Language evolutions, in turn, stimulate cultural processes. Approaches to culture via language were mentioned access by questioning meanings, access via grammar and access via the linguistic realization of communicative intentions (communication styles).
Finally, the approach by questioning meanings was presented in detail using the example of the meaning of “home”.

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