Aspiration systems: purpose, types, and key elements


Мухамадиев Дидар Русланович

Карагандинский технический университет
Дата публикации 02.06.2021
Период публикации Май, 2021
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The increased dust content of the air at industrial enterprises is a negative factor that affects the health of workers. To solve this problem, it is necessary to install dedusting systems, in another way, aspiration systems, in production. It is especially important to use these systems in industrial plants with high dust emission. This article examines the purpose and necessity of installing aspiration systems in production. Describes such types of aspiration system, as monoblock and modular, and their difference. The greatest attention is paid to the consideration of the types of equipment for air purification: cyclone dust collectors, gravity filters, dust collectors, bag filters, dust collectors. The main aspects of design, installation and installation of aspiration systems are briefly covered.

Ключевые слова

aspiration system, baghouse filters-dust, cyclones dust collector, gravity filter-dust collectors

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