The promotion of Health Literacy in public schools of Kazakhstan


Madeniyetova Assem Nurzhanovna

Nazarbayev Intellectual School
Дата публикации 20.05.2021
Период публикации Май, 2021
Рекомендуемая ссылка: Madeniyetova Assem Nurzhanovna, The promotion of Health Literacy in public schools of Kazakhstan. Публикация в СМИ: "Наука и образование ONLINE" (Май, 2021). Дата публикации: 20.05.2021. Регистрация СМИ: ЭЛ №ФС77-70153 от 30.06.2017. URL доступа:


The project aimed identifying the degree to which students of public schools in Kazakhstan are taught to be health literate and give suggestions on ameliorating the issue. Generally, the process of gathering information and the analysis of it are described in a detailed manner, with conclusion. The research gives possible measures to improve the current promotion of Health literacy and explains why it is significant.

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